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Originally the m/v “Emanuel” (ex “Karlovac”)was a passanger ship and as such sailed for a considerable number of years in the central Dalmatian coastal region. It has now been reconstructed into a new cruise ship, luxuriously equipped in accordance with all international standards.

 Main characteristics of the vessel:          

a) Basic information on the vessel:

• Length of hull 37,60 m;
• Length between the uprights 34,50 m;
• Width of frame spacing 7,00 m;
• Depth of ship’s side 3,30 m;
• Draught, average 2,20 m;
• Draught displacement at 2,20 m 258 t;
• Mass of ship at light condition 197 t;
• Registered tonnage 191 t;
• Year of reconstruction 2005;
• Water tank 30t;
• Fuel tank 6t;
• Septic tank 10t;

b) Vessel’s main equipment capacities:

• Main propelling engine Vovo 550Hp
• Auxiliary motors Perkins 33k W I Scania 52 k W
• Twin Disc gearbox
• Hydraulic winch 18mm
• Hydraulic rudder
• Galvanized chain 150m, 018mm
• Anchors (2), weight: 250 kg
• Fire pump Q=30m3/h
• Bilgepump Q=30m3/h
• Hot water boiler 600 litres
• Sea water generator pump 750 litres
• Fresh water generator pump 750 litres
• Life-saving equipment- rafts 2 x 25 persons
- other life-saving equipment in accordance with HRB
• Fire alarm systems
- in accommodation areas, smoke detectors
- in engine room, heat and smoke detector

c) Passenger, crew and ship space capacities:

• Maximum number of people: 43
• Maximum number of tourists: 36
• Number of crew: 7
• Total number of cabins: 23
• Total number of cabins for hire: 18
• Total number of cabins for crew: 5
• Crew: Shipmaster, First Engineer, able-bodied seaman/helmsman, cruise manager, 2 stewards, cook
• Ship space: wheelhouse, engine room, 23 cabins, reception desk, galley/kitchen, restaurant, lounge bar, sun deck

There is a total number of 18 passenger cabins (for tourists) ranging from 8,50 to 10,50m2 in size. All cabins are housed on both sides of the vessel and face the sea. The cabins are laid out on two decks – in the lower-deck area and on the main deck and are equipped in accordance with the highest standards. Each cabin has opened-out beds with luggage compartments underneath the bed, TV/SAT, air-conditioning (cooling and heating), contemporise furniture, safety-deposit box, a painting, a mirror, night-table lamps, wooden wall-boards, carpeted floors, safety and fire-alarm installations, modulated sanitary facilities (WC/shower). In addition, each cabin is supplied with a basic information notice about the ship and basic instructions in case of evacuation, life-saving etc.

Lower deck
101 – 1/2, double bed, 10,1 m2
102 – 1/2, double bed, 10,1 m2
103 – 1/2, twin beds, 10,6 m2
104 – 1/2, twin beds, 10,6 m2
105 – 1/2, double bed, 9,7 m2
106 – 1/2, double bed, 9,7 m2
107 – 1/2, double bed, 8,5 m2
108 – 1/2, double bed, 8,5 m2
Main deck
201 – 1/2, double bed, 9,4 m2
202 – 1/2, double bed, 9,4 m2
203 – 1/2, double bed, 10,0 m2
204 – 1/2, double bed, 10,0 m2
205 – 1/2, double bed, 10,3 m2
206 – 1/2, double bed, 10,3 m2
207 – 1/2, double bed, 10,5 m2
208 – 1/2, double bed, 10,5 m2
209 – 1/2, double bed, 9,7 m2
210 – 1/2, double bed, 9,7 m2
A small reception desk (11,2 m2) in accordance with the ship’s requirements which is air-conditioned and where cabin keys, brochures, and pamphlets are kept together with various other information. Also, a small internet desk will be available to the guests at an extra charge for internet access and where, also at an additional charge, a telephone will be available for use to the guests as well as the use of books from the small library. In addition to the afore mentioned, the guests will also have at their disposal various games such as cards, darts, monopoly etc. Also in this area, hanging on the wall is a map of the Adriatic coast and an information board.

The restaurant is located on the upper deck and in order to achieve quicker and better communication the restaurant is placed right next to the galley ( cca 45 m2). Fully air-conditioned (cooling and heating). There are 40 seating places. All three main meals will be served: breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are two stewards in attendance who will have for their use a separate counter in the restaurant. The interior is decorated in accordance with the highest standards together with all the required facilities that are usually found on small cruise ships.

The lounge bar (cca 22 m2) is located on the upper deck with 40 seating places (air-conditioned). Working hours would be as per agreement with the agency. A wide assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as coffee, tea, hot chocolate and a selection of cakes and pastries are served at the lounge bar. In addition to this, a steward/barman will mix and serve cocktails. The lounge bar is located on stern part of the upper deck next to the restaurant, which is partitioned off from the restaurant by a glass wall. The interior is decorated according to the highest standards together with all the required facilities that are usually found on small cruised ships. The lounge bar is contected to the exterior of ship in order the guest can move around more freely.

The galley is located on the upper deck and is equipped with all required appliances and technology (11,3 m2). In order to achieve quicker and better communication, the galley has been placed right next to the restaurant. Total galley area measures 11,3 m2.

The sun deck is intended for relaxation, sunbathing together with requisites required for this purpose (deck chairs, sunbathing chairs etc) Total sun deck area measures 220 m2



The price includes:

• 7 day cruise trip around the Dalmatian coast and islands
• Registry of guests (giving information, directions)
• Welcome cocktails
• Breakfast, lunch, dinner
• Dalmatian dinner (last night of the cruise)
• Trips to shore and vice versa by speed boat
• Sightseeing tours of Dalmatian towns according to the cruise itinery (guide not included)
• 10% VAT included
• Port taxes
• Use of deck chairs and sunbathing chairs on the sun deck
• Use of games that are kept on the ship such as cards, darts,monopoly
• Use of the small library on board the ship          

The price does not include:

Drinks, sightseeing trips organized in each
city: Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar, boat tour of the Blue
Cave, lakes on Mljet, trip to Vidova Gora from
Supetar (price 20 EUR per person, per sightseeing trip)
If you wish to charter the hole boat and change its
standard route, it is possible but only with the
agreement of the ship's owner.




  • Tel: +385 21 588 519
  • Fax: +385 21 558 555
  • Mon - Fri: 08-20 hours
  • Sat - Sun: 08-16 hours
  • E-mail: info@ssmtravel.com
  • Address: Boktuljin put bb,
    POB 305, 21000 Split, Croatia

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